Frequently Asked Questions

How long will you take to install my glass?

Most cases take no more than 1 hour.

Do you offer mobile service to my home or office?

Yes we do, if you live in the area of El Paso, Midland, Odessa and Pecos, Tx.

How many locations there are?

Only one at 5010 E. Paisano Dr, El Paso Tx.

How long should I wait before using my car after the installation?

You can use it right away, everything will stay in place.

How long will you take to come after I call?

It depends on how busy we are at the moment, in case you are in a hurry we do have a FAST SERVICE for an extra $50 dlls

Do you match the competition's prices?

There is no need to, since we have the best prices in town.

What brands do you guys use?

Pilkington, PGW, XYG, Carlite, Saint Gobain, among others, but just the top brands.

Do you offer any kind of warranty?

We do offer LIFETIME WARRANTY on Installation, as for the glass there is no warranty, please check it before leaving our store.